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Breast Augmentation

About Procedure

Breast augmentation, also be referred to as breast enhancement or breast implants, has recently become extremely popular for ladies and among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries performed today. If you are not happy with your breast look or appearance, our plastic surgeons can offer assistance.

Personal preferences and individual factors will help you and our plastic surgeon to decide your proper breast size, the area of incisions, and also to determine whether the implants will be placed underneath or on top of the chest muscle. The implant will be placed in a pocket either underneath the pectoral muscle that can be found between the chest wall and the breast tissue or directly behind the breast tissue. The strategy for positioning or inserting your implant will rely on upon your life structures and our surgeon’s recommendation.

You will be scheduled to come in for a consultation that we already prepared for you in order to discuss your medical history. This will incorporate information about any medical treatments, drug allergies, past surgeries you have received, including medications that you currently take and breast biopsies. You will be asked whether you have a family history of cancer of the breast including the result of any mammograms. It is vital for you to give complete information. Your breast will be examined by our plastic surgeon, a breast lift can be recommended for you in conjunction with augmentation if your breasts are sagging.

You’re liable to feel fatigued and sore for a couple of days after your surgery, however, you’ll be up and around in 24 to 48 hours. The vast majority of your inconvenience can be controlled by medication that will be recommended by our surgeon.