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About Procedure

Arm Lift, also referred to as Brachioplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to reshape  the sagging and flabby underpart of the upper arm. The skin in this region has the tendency to lose its contour over time, and this procedure is employed to remove excess skin and fat restoring a firmer and smoother appearance.

There are many factors the influence the presence of sagging skin on the upper arms: changes in body weight, aging and heredity. While exercise is critical to your general health and wellbeing, it does not decrease the free hanging skin of the arms, debilitated tissues in the arms, or limited ranges of fat in the arms. In these cases, an arm lift, or brachioplasty, is the best approach for getting the conditioned and proportionate appearance you are looking for.

During the surgical procedure, the surgeon removes excess skin and unwanted fat between the underarm and the elbow. In some cases, unwanted fat tissue is removed using liposuction prior to the excision of excess skin in the upper arm region. The proper approach will be determined , post operative instructions will be explained and any questions will be answered during your complimentary consultation with a surgeon.

Patients are advised that swelling and wounding may occur after the procedure, but should not last for more than several weeks. Nevertheless, even with swelling, results are apparent immediately. The arms will appear more conditioned and proportionate to the body.